We specialize in video production, live streaming and the creation of multimedia content.

We specialise in multi-camera production, live streaming and content creation for organisations, brands, agencies and commercial companies. We help you to give your vision life! Wether it’s corporate video production, live streaming or a recording for your latest product or brand. We have the technology, expertise and passion to deliver the best outcome possible and bring your ideas to the world.


What is it we are doing?

Social Media Streaming

Social media streaming is a key service for businesses and live events. Woop can deliver footage to Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram and more.

Cross Platform Delivery

Your audience isn't just on one social media channel. Woop can send footage to as many or as few channels as you like.

Corporate Webcasting

Corporate internal communication gets a modern twist with interactive streaming services.

Paid Live Concerts

Stay close with your fans and create an appealing experience to stay in touch in a digital way.

Tournament Broadcasting

Wether it's regular sports, esports or any other kind of tournament. You can boost the quality of your stream tremendously with proper moderation and presentation.

Panel Discussions

Broadcasting Panel discussions can help you to boost your reach and generate buzz. The best way to approach this is through being informative and entertaining.



To get the most out of your brand and event, you want to be sure that when you are filming or streaming your events live, you have a high quality, multi-camera production. With our professional team, we will make your production a pleasant experience.




We offer a variety of live streaming services such as: Venue scouting, planning, contacting sponsors, social media, corporate webcasting and much more. We love delivering engaging experiences to appeal to your audience in the best possible way.



Streaming is not always practical or useful. Regardless of whether it is an advertising video, music video or any other form of video production, we will support you in implementing your ideas.


What does it cost?

The costs for a live production result from the duration and scope of the production. However, this always requires a personal conversation in order to submit a concrete offer. For orientation – small live events start from 600 euros, medium ones from 1500 euros and particularly extensive large events are often over 3000 euros.

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