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Goodbye friends

Woop says goodbye.

Yes, you read that right. And while that title pretty much says it all, I figured it couldn’t hurt to write a few words about it to share my thoughts.

What a crazy trip these past few years have been. A trip that felt like it contained everything and stands as a symbol for the many facets that life has to offer. Lots of successes and many more failures, colleagues who became friends and many more that you would prefer never to hear from again, ups and downs, happiness and misery. Rarely have there been years in my life that have shaped me so intensely – for better or for worse.

There were many highlights during this time! Be it the Woop classroom, the shooting of the pilot episode of Woop Magazine or Spawnpoint, as a fantastic streaming event on the subject of accessible gaming. I don’t think it makes sense to choose a favorite here. I was always ambitious, tried to reach for the stars and wanted to motivate and make everyone happy along the way. It remains to be seen whether that was ultimately the smartest way, but it was my way. And with my values, I wouldn’t have gone any other way.

Now the question arises – why should something like this be ended then? Isn’t that what life is all about!? To have rich experiences and to risk something to find happiness? Probably yes, but the way Woop stands at the moment it doesn’t make me happy, nor does it work in an economic sense. I could name a wide range of reasons why this is the case – be it external like the Austrian culture and Covid or internal like variety of content and past team problems, but in the end none of it really matters if it doesn’t make you happy anymore.

What exactly does that mean now? Until further notice there will be no more streams or videos. All agency activities are discontinued and Woop is dissolved as a company. I won’t say forever because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that plans are constantly changing and you can’t see what’s 3 corners away, but don’t expect that to change for now. The discord will remain and you are all welcome to use it as you wish and exchange ideas there. For a few good rounds of Overwatch and co. After all, I’m always available 😉

Last but not least, thanks are due. And that’s definitely going to be one of those parts where I’m going to forget anybody, so I’m going to generalize that a bit.

  • Thanks to all viewers who have been actively involved since the beginning (e.g. Freakypedia, Jagdpizza, Killertüte, Seleenthief, etc.) – you know exactly who you are!
  • Thanks to everyone who has actively contributed to the team over the years (Kataclysm, Terenos, n9erz, Schmiddi etc.) – you too know exactly who you are. You have my utmost respect and gratitude!
  • Thanks also to all partners (Radio 886, Red Bull, OktoTV, Nitrado, etc.)
  • And last but not least one person without whom many things would not have been possible – Cheering Mikasa. It’s actually hard for me to put into words what I’m feeling here, but let’s try. Gratitude, respect, friendship, trust and just good times! Nothing that couldn’t be explained with Salvatore Ganacci’s – Horse (you don’t have to understand)

In this sense.

Game on!

Yours Pre

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