Your streaming career within your grasp!

We have the experience and the necessary know-how and in the Woop Creator Camp we will show you what you need as a streamer, influencer and content creator to build your own brand! You will learn the basics of streaming, learn the most important things about hardware and software, image and sound and will also immerse yourself in the correct use of social media.

Games, Youtube and Co. are an important part of your life?

Do you dream of producing your own content?

The whole thing should not only be fun, but also be professional?

Then you are exactly right here!

With us you will get an insight into essential areas like streaming and content creation and you will be equipped with the most important basic knowledge to get started right away. If you want to create professional and cool content, then secure your place with us in the Creator Camp!

Portrait of african professional e streamer player looking at camera. Streaming viral video games for fun using headphones and keyboard for online championship.

What content is covered?


You will receive an introduction to the positioning and handling of cameras and other equipment to optimize the image quality of your production.


Since quality of sound plays an important role in content creation, you will also learn how to make the appropriate settings.


Eine natürlich ausgeleuchtete Umgebung sowie die optimale Belichtung der eigenen Person sind zentral in der Präsentation deines Inhaltes.

Streaming Software

You will get to know the platform of your choice and how to deal with it better, which you want to use for your individual content.

Social Skills

Take your appearance to the next level! In addition to the technical details, you will develop your personality and learn to present yourself confidently.

Social Media

Although dealing with social media is a matter of course, we will also bring you to a more professional level in this area.


The Woop Creator Camp takes place online and is divided into several units, with theory and practice being discussed alternately over and over again. An overview of streaming services and social media platforms as well as an introduction into the world’s most widely used, free streaming software OBS and the technology are theoretically discussed before a practical part follows. In these sequences you can try out different things yourself with our support and then you will also receive feedback. A first short piece of content can also already be created.


  • After the Woop Creator Camp, you will know how to present yourself online.
  • You know your options and rights on the Internet as a content creator.
  • You have mastered the basics of the respective platform and OBS.
  • You know how to adjust picture and sound for your purposes.
  • You know how to use social media on a more professional level.

Minimum requirements

In order to get the best course experience, you should bring the following with you:

  • Notebook/PC: maximum 8 years old
  • Video / camera: Notebook/PC with webcam or smartphone in the same network/WLAN as PC or webcam
  • Internet: Stable Internet connection with at least 5 Mbps upload speed
  • Audio: headset with microphone
  • Motivation and fun!

Prices and scope*

Euro incl. VAT

Target group: streamers, content creators, influencers, video bloggers and anyone interested

* course takes place online, max. 6 people per course, price is per person per course

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    Legal guardian

    All details of the legal guardian are required if the participant is under 18 years of age.