Not only a community

Our family is big and is growing steadily, which is why it is all the more important for us to bring our spirit to people. The gamers in our community are united by the fun of games as well as the right amount of humor and mutual support. What could be better suited to this than a brand that everyone can identify with? So, #getwooped and become a wooper trooper!

#GETWOOPED – Woop is lifestyle

Strangers have become friends

The community and the people behind Woop couldn't let go of me. No matter what question you had, whether you wanted to play a game or just hang out, someone was and is always there. Strangers have become friends. I now have my own stream on Woop and I'm overjoyed that I dared to contact me back then.

Andy (Whuazu)
Member of the Woop Community, Streamer at Woop

An extended family

Whenever I've had a bad day -> I watch Woop, the community builds you up again. It sounds extremely trite, I know, but for me Woop isn't just a stream and a discord, for me Woop is an extended family.

Member of the Woop Community, Streamer at Woop

Something for everyone

Since the streamers have a wide range of interests, there is something for every viewer: Racers, role players and shooters from the larger studios are of course there, but also indie titles are excitingly presented at Woop and often make you want to play the game presented yourself

Member of the Woop Community

Organisiert und übersichtlich

The Discord is nicely organized, clear and you always know what is where. I also found it very good that the broadcast schedule is sent in again and again, because you have met new cool streamers and people and can discover many games for yourself!

Member of the Woop Community


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