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Social Media

That’s how you can find us!

What would a gaming channel be without 50,000 social media platforms to show the latest news? You can find us on the following platforms:


Most of our livestreams are broadcast on Twitch. This is the best way to get to know us and get in touch with us. Look in!

Link to Twitch


In addition to Twitch, we also post our video content on YouTube. After all, we also want to immortalize ourselves on the Internet.

Link to Youtube


The linchpin for our community is our ingenious Discordserver. Join and be a true WooperTrooper!

Link to Discord


A little bird chirped me that WoopTV also carries the happy news around the world on Twitter. Apparently THE portal for everything related to gaming news.

Link to Twitter


If you want to be hip (do you still say that?), you also have to be on Instagram. Whether photos of events, new streaming toys, we will post diligently!

Link to Instagram


Even if Facebook is typically more appealing to the somewhat older audience, all information is also available on this platform. After all, we are no longer the youngest * sniff *

Link to Facebook


For the sake of completeness, we listed our website here. And yes – you are already on the website. Here you will find all information about events, news and the stream.

Link to Website