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Press releases

We are proud of what we do and look forward to every new report about us. Please find attached all press releases in which Woop was mentioned.

16.3.2020 – Kleine Zeitung – Schule auf Twitch

17.3.2020 – OTS / APA – Unterricht via Livestream

20.3.2020 – Extradienst – Unterricht via Livestream

30.3.2020 – Kurier – Schulstoff und Gaming im Woop Klassenzimmer

1.4.2020 (Paywall) – Kurier – So funktioniert Homeschoolung ohne Stress

10.4.2020 – Wort – Das digitale Klassenzimmer

17.4.2020 – Kurier – Lernplattform Chabadoo

9.7.2020 – Wiener Bezirksblatt – Charityturnier zu Gunsten der Prosa Schule


All logos can be freely used by public media in the context of a report or the like.


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