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A strong team leads to success

The diverse team at WoopTV combines its expertise to think together the great aspects of gaming.

THOMAS GEISSLER CEO Pre, the invincible in all games, also known under the name Thomas Geißler, is the head of the crazy gang and at the same time our technical genius. No matter how much tangled cables there is, Pre always has an overview and keeps a cool head even when there is great excitement. Through his tireless commitment, he contributes significantly to the motivation in the team. MARINA WALLNER Head of editorial office Marina Wallner takes care of the broadcast schedule at Woop, and she also organizes everything else that can be organized. As a teacher, she is responsible for all educational matters and can sometimes be seen on the stream. Otherwise she prefers to work in the background on all projects and sometimes also writes texts for the homepage or social media. KATRIN LEE Head of marketing Katrin Lee (but preferably called Kat) is our hardworking social media lady! Whether it's great clips from our streams, funny memes or other news from Woop - Kat posts them all and provides you with great information and funny content on all our platforms so that our great community and our loyal followers also get something to offer.

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