That was Spawnpoint 2021!

Wow, what a weekend that was!

Our first spawn point took place on February 12th and 13th and we are a little proud of what we have achieved! The event was great and received only positive feedback from all participants, partners and the media. Thanks to Spawnpoint, many of our great guests were able to make contacts that go beyond their own area and thus support one another – that is exactly what our stated goal with Spawnpoint was and will continue to be!

It was incredibly exciting and often touching to hear the stories of our participants, who were able to experience more fun in gaming again through more accessibility and in some cases only through various tools, some of which we were able to present, to enjoy gaming again to the fullest can. The exciting discussions with various experts have also contributed to more information and awareness in this area of ​​game accessibility and, like all other items on the program, will be shown in a video that will soon be published on our YouTube channel – so you absolutely have to keep your eyes open and watch out for this!

But as the saying goes? After the event is before the event, and after Spawnpoint is before Spawnpoint, that’s why there are already so many ideas in our heads that we really want to share with you at our next Spawnpoint event. So if you thought that the topic is now over, stay tuned and keep an eye out on our social media pages for the next few weeks and months, because we are still a long way from the end of Spawnpoint. It is our dream to expand this event into a whole series of events, and to illuminate and address different areas of accessibility in gaming in different ways!

But for now the first spawnpoint has been carried out well – you can find impressions of it on our social media channels as well as in a YouTube video that will soon be available on our channel:

We look forward to the continuation of the Spawnpoint series soon – Spawn different, game equal!

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