Spawnpoint – Spawn Different, Game Equal

We are already super excited, because this weekend the time has finally come – our event “Spawnpoint” on the subject of accessibility in gaming will take place for the first time on Friday, February 12th and Saturday, February 13th!

Our team is in the middle of the preparations for the event. If you are attentive to our social media pages, then you have probably already seen that we have been provided with Studio44 as a location – many thanks to our main sponsor, the Austrian Lotteries, for making this possible! Be sure to follow us so as not to miss any updates, because the timetable has already been shared!

You can expect a great program with great international guests this weekend. Exciting panel discussions on topics such as gaming and visual impairment or the future of accessibility in gaming, where top-class scientists, project managers and game developers will exchange their ideas and their experiences. Since we cannot really decide which of our participants we are looking forward to the most, we are only giving you a random selection of the program items and people who have agreed to be part of Spawnpoint:
– SpecialEffect Charity
– Brannon Zahand (Microsoft)
– Xbox mit dem Adaptive Controller
– Dennis Winkens (Wheelyworld)
– Lea Hehenberger (TU Graz)
– SightlessKombat
– Morgan Baker
– Martin Filip (Mi’pu’mi Gaming)
– Helmut Hlavacs (Universität Wien)
and many more!

Our moderators, Philipp Hansa from Ö3, David Hofer from LIFEtool and Quis der Barde will guide you through the two days with their charm, ensure a profitable exchange with our guests and diligently answer your questions in the chat.

We have also planned specials for you – on Friday there will be a show by Hörst and the Band Battle, in which, in addition to Christopher Seiler, members of Russkaja, Alkbottle, Melibar Combo and other Austrian bands will compete against each other in FIFA21. On Saturday there will be a live concert by Julian Le Play and a Rocket League Challenge hosted by Team FireWall, in which Sissi State Punks will compete against the Tickling Tentacles, but under difficult conditions: they wear special glasses from Dialog im Dunkeln, which simulate visual impairments!

So, buy some snacks and drinks for the weekend, make yourself comfortable in front of your equipment (what else would you do on a weekend at times like these), tell everyone you know and enjoy Spawnpoint – and don’t forget: Spawn Different , Game Equal!

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