88.6 Band-Battle powered by WoopTV

This Saturday, December 12th 20202, is the day – our band battle is taking place for the first time! Together with the Austrian radio station 88.6 and Sarah Steiner, who will also be our presenter through the evening, we will provide you an unforgettable evening! The Austrian bands Coffeeshock Company and Some Days You Lose will compete against each other in chosen video games for 3 rounds: One game that is all about coordination and cooperation, one is about cognitive abilites and the other game will demand a lot of skill from our participants!

Who will have the most insight? Who will fall into rage mode and throw the controller first? Who will stay calm in the storm of emotions to come while playing intense sessions of video games? And who will succeed at the end? You will get the answers to all these questions and of course a lot of fun and entertainment on Saturday evening, so be sure to turn on Twitch and watch woop! It’s going to be legendary!

PS: There is also a lot to be won, so be sure to tune in that night!

Here is the link to our Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/wooptv_gaming

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