Latest developments: Spawnpoint

We have great news for you again! As we have already told you, something big is planned for February next year – our event Spawnpoint, which will set a very special symbol for inclusion in the gaming area. You will learn the details step by step, and so far we haven’t told you much in the last post.

But there is again something to share that we can no longer keep to ourselves:

Drum roll

We can work together with the great Zero Conference 2021 in the course of our event Spawnpoint! If you don’t know about this incredible project, you should definitely read on now. This conference has been running for a number of years as part of the Zero Project initiative to raise awareness of people with disabilities. During the Zero Conferences, which lasts several days, outstanding and, above all, innovative projects were presented and honored, which are dedicated to the topic of the inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas within our society.

There should be a nice image

After an informative meeting two weeks ago, we received the promise that Spawnpoint’s collaboration with this conference will be realized for February 2021 and that we can host our event at the same time. In addition, we have already been able to win many other supporters and sponsors for us who have recognized the importance of this topic and would like to take part in this great event! We are already so excited and fully in the planning and conception for these days in February and we are looking forward to when we have news about Spawnpoint for you again – it will certainly not be long in coming. Stay tuned!

Here is the link to Zero Project:

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