Lifetool – visit on 09/21/2020

Despite the challenges this year 2020 brings, we are already planning our next streaming event for February 2021: Spawnpoint. Of course, we don’t want to reveal exactly what that means and what it’s about, but let me say this much: it’s going to be wooptastic!
Ok, we can tell you a little bit about it. We want to move gamers with disabilities more into the focus and awareness of the general public and thereby promote inclusion. In addition, there should also be information about tools and technical devices that can be seen as support for people with disabilities and help to develop gaming into a barrier-free medium.
Already on board is Philipp Hansa from Ö3 and the team from Lifetool, a great company based in Linz, which has dedicated itself to precisely this task, namely to support people with disabilities with technology, but also to research and develop in this area .
On September 21, we were able to speak to some of the people in charge about our project and were able to win this company over for us. After a great conversation in which the importance of such a project was focused and possible further steps were discussed, we were also able to get to know a disabled DJ who is already cooperating with Lifetool and would also be involved in this project. We were also allowed to test a tool developed by them that has not yet been published, but we won’t reveal anything about that, it’s top secret;)
Be sure to stay alert and check back often if you want to stay up to date and learn more about Spawnpoint! In any case, we are already in the middle of the planning and are convinced that it will just be awesome!

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