Gamers4 Charity Event

We like to think back to the beginning of summer, especially now when it is already getting a little cooler. At that time it was not only warmer, but also the charity event “Gamers4” took place, which we initiated together with the Heartgaming Foundation as well as Nox Sports and the Games Institute Austria.
From July 10th to 12th, 2020, streamers from all over Austria were able to collect donations for “PROSA – Project School for All” by putting together an individual program. As a non-profit organization, PROSA has set itself the task of promoting the education of young people with refugee experience. Of course we at Woop welcome such an initiative and have therefore not hesitated to actively support it with this event.
In addition to many other great streamers, Quis the Bard, justdoro, NetRockGG, Hodii, Smithhiller or Veni, to name just a few. A great, varied program was put together by many committed people. The viewers could donate amounts for which the streamers had to perform certain tasks, which were mostly funny, but often rather uncomfortable for the streamers themselves – but what do you not do to let your glee run free? A few euros jump out there;)
The finale on Sunday was particularly exciting, where many of the streamers met with us in the VR Playground in Vienna, on the one hand to deliver a great program live on site, and on the other hand to toast our success. On the last day there was VR action with two guys from Austria Wien, couchgaming with some participating streamers and a Rocket League tournament. Most people will probably remember the interview by Icey, which was carried out by Philipp Hansa from Ö3 and Kevin Piticev from Energy. Not only because the guys did a great job as moderators, but because Icey mercilessly drove away from them in the joint Formula 1 race in the Motion Seats.
A total of € 6404.40 was collected this weekend, which everyone involved was really proud of, and was ceremoniously handed over to PROSA. Gamers4 was an unforgettable weekend with lots of fun and a great program, and not just for us!

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