Playstation 5 showcase – finally there are details

Long awaited and now FINALLY delivered – all the data and facts about the Playstation 5 release that we wanted. But before Sony just wanted to give us a price and a date, of course a little honey was smeared around the mouth! Because there are new announcements hailing in the 40-minute presentation! In addition to some already known (and still wonderful) titles such as Assissins Creed Valhalla, a new Oddworld offshoot or the remake of Demon Souls, you can also look forward to some completely new titles.

Above all, one throws oneself into the fray with an announcement for Final Fantasy 16“. The graphics are as you are used to from Square Enix and are of course stunning, even if you have to wait a bit for the release. But then only console on Playstation 5!

We were also allowed to watch “Spider Man Miles Morales” “, but the new trailer and the gameplay shown let us hope for brilliant hours of play. Our Spidey Senses have definitely already run out! We can already swing around with Miles Morales when the new one is released Console.

Screenshot from Spider Man Miles Morales

For the wizards and witches among us, the jaw was on the floor by “Harry Potter Legacy” at the latest! An RPG in the world of Hogwarts – the game we have always been waiting for. In 2021 it should finally fly into our living rooms on the next generation of the Playstation and the hype is immense after these insights!

But Sony wouldn’t be Sony if the god of slaughter didn’t come up again for a new console. It was only a short teaser, but “God of War Ragnarok” already promises to be a blast for 2021!

And if you think you don’t have enough to play at the release (apart from the already known releases like Valhalla, Cyberpunkt and other big titles that are all waiting for us in November), you should take a closer look at the PS Plus Collection, because PS Plus Owners get a few classic delicacies to play with for free when the Playstation 5 is released. Definitely time to catch up on the good old titles!

Extensive collection of classics already at release

But finally, of course, about the data and facts that we have been waiting for the most. The new console will be released on the market in two steps. For the European market it is therefore necessary to mark November 19th as the release date in bold in the calendar, because then the PS5 will also appear here too long. The price for the console with drive is € 499.99, without a drive you have to put € 399.99 on the counter.

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