gamescom Opening Night Live 2020

A year without gamescom is not a real year. And even if we can’t all cheer and rip off live on site this year, the event will still take place. Fully online, but still. Because what we want is news, dates and information about everything that’s going on in the gaming industry. The opening night live of gamescom already brings us the first information and more will follow.

Big games are coming our way – definitely also for the new gaming consoles. “Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart” is just coming across as impressive. Visually, the trailers that we have already seen definitely show what to expect graphically. Nice rendering and transitions in the game mechanics, which definitely suggest something big. What is shown here is not just a fan favorite, but the performance of the PS5. If the rift jumps and level changes really run as smoothly as in the demo shown – then hats off, the PS5’s SSD brings a lot to the table here.

Let’s stay with the old school heroes of our youth. Then of course the language has to fall immediately on “Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about Time”. There is a retro feeling on point here with a jump’n’Run classic, of which there is finally an offshoot after years. Fans of the series are definitely catered for – Crash Bandicoot looks exactly as we know and love it. Hardly any fancy new game mechanics, but games that have always been good don’t need a rebuild to be good again.

But what are the big, new games in store for us? Of course, gamescom will not remain silent on this either. A highlight that we are all really looking forward to: “Star Wars Squadrons”. The multiplayer mode has already been introduced to us, now there is a closer look at the single player mode. The first pictures of the story missions are definitely promising and the game definitely has its charms in multiplayer and single player.

And we never get enough of Star Wars anyway – in addition to squadrons, you can also look forward to the new “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” part, which next spring will bring us the entire saga again in brick form on all platforms. And of course don’t forget – the Star Wars add-on for “Sims 4” – may the force be with your Sims too.

There are also new impressions in the next offshoot of the CoD series. With “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” the story follows on from the first Black Ops part and brings some old faces back into the franchise. With a cinematic trailer we are already drawn deeper into the (fictional) story of the Cold War, double agent themes promise excitement and we can be sure of a lot of action.

But what we are almost a little more hyped about: “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond”. Because with this announcement you can look forward to a VR offshoot of the popular shooter series, which takes us as players straight into the war. Whether on foot or in different vehicles, a lot of immersion is definitely promised here. Whether you will really get a complete game or just a playable experience is not yet foreseeable, but both sound promising.

An announcement for “Fall Guys Season 2”, which awaits us from the beginning of October, should also not be missing. With new (cooperative) levels and lots of new cosmetics in medieval style, you can soon continue to hunt for a bunch of crowns! The perfect chaos is preprogrammed and will probably keep the fun going. We are still waiting for crossplay and a possible party mode.

We could go on like this forever. In addition to the remake of “Mafia 1”, new concept arts for “Dragon Age 4”, a story DLC for “Doom Eternal”, the new add-on “Destiny 2: Beyond the Light”, a release date for “World of Warcraft Shadowlands ”including a massive trailer and a lot of horror in“ Little Nightmares 2 ”there were of course a few smaller, rather unknown surprises and trailers.

“12 Minutes”, for example, gives us insights into an interactive thriller point & click adventure of a time loop, “Spellbreak” brings magic to the battle royales, with “Lemnis Gate” you can look forward to an interesting timeloop shooter, “Override 2 Super Mech Leage ”is getting a successor, Sam and Max will soon bring us new content in VR,“ Age of Empires 3 ”is getting a definitive edition, the“ Bridge Constructor ”is haunted by the Walking Dead Zombies and with“ Scarlet Nexus ”comes the anime -Action friends again at their expense. But that’s not all, “Warhammer Age of Sigma: Storm Ground” now gets a fantasy strategy game and a new Warhammer license with “Necromunda: Underhive Wars”, “Quantum Error” shows us the new gameplay of the horror shooter, the gameplay trailer of ” Wasteland 3 “makes the upcoming release even more fun, with” Tear Down “an anti-Minecraft game is coming onto the market, space fans can look forward to the trailer for” Chorus “and” Surgeon Simulator 2 “can be canceled right away gamble immediately. Not to forget “Struggling”, which at the same time really disturbed and excited

So you can see – the gaming industry is not standing still and Gamescom definitely has the right game ready for every taste! Two hours of concentrated trailers and announcements that not only give a huge foretaste of the big games, but also put some indie titles in a very special light.

We want to conclude here with a big new announcement for the new generation of consoles. With “Unknown 9: Awakening” an offshoot of the rather unknown multimedia franchise for PS5 and X-Box Series X was announced and immediately underlined with a beautiful cinematic trailer. The story about mysterious forces and dimensional journeys looks promising, even if we haven’t seen much more besides beautiful pictures. In any case, a perfect demonstration of what the new generations will be capable of.

What we still don’t know, however, is when will the new consoles really be on the market? The release dates of the next generation are handled like a state secret. We don’t get to hear more than a “release window” for the time being. The only information remains Holiday 2020.

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