Gamers4 Charity Event

Three-day gaming livestream as a charity campaign for a Viennese education project

Gamers4 is a charity project of several streamers, gaming- and esports organizations. Once a year we organize a charity event for a charitable initiative. Gamers4 is cooperating with well-known streamers from Austria and Germany to collect money for the project through live streams. In addition to NOXsports and WoopTV, the organizers and streamers also include the HeartGaming Foundation, Veni and many more.

Streamers and gamers support a charitable project

The three-day stream begins on Friday, July 10, 2020 at 10 a.m. and lasts until midnight on Sunday. In addition to gameplay and community programs, we present interviews with the initiators and participants of the project and offer an insight into the work of PROSA – Project School for All. At the end of the stream, the organizers will come up with a surprise to finish the project in the right manner.

GamerGamers4 shows the social awareness of gaming culture

Gaming and live streaming have long been more than just a niche hobby. It is run by adults for adults and gamers and streamers want to show their social commitment with this initiative. We want to support a project that uses education to integrate young people with refugee experience in our society and thus to offer them a fair chance. PROSA – Project School for All has been doing excellent work in the field of integrating young people for years, which we would like to support with our charity campaign.

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