Our founding partner Games Institute Austria partners with Learn2Esport, a Swedish Esports Education provider to represent their products in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


Learn2Esport a leading International esports educational platform (LMS) and curriculum provider today announced a new Partner for the Learn2Esport Partner Program, Game Institute Austria that will serve as a reseller in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In 2017 video games amounted to nearly $105 billion in the US and by 2021 is expected to reach $140 billion in sales. Today there are over two billion gamers in the world that are daily cross-generational participants contrary to popular belief. The ability to earn $100,000+ in being a certified esports coach, or nearly $300,000 annually as an esports league Commissioner, $80,000+ as an esports Talent Scout, upwards to $15,000 per month as a Pro Player not to mention the $1.4 Billion the League of Legends generated in 2018 from tournament play.

Rasmus SandströmCEO of Learn2Esport and founder of Keita Gaming said; “This strategic partnership agreement where Game Institute Austria will serve as a partner and reseller in especially Austria but also in Switzerland and Germany is another perfect next step for our company. Our goal is to educate people through esports and create opportunities for everyone to learn how to utilize the skills learned from esport in their social life and in a future work life. I have known Thomas for a while and I know that he and his team shares the same values when it comes to esport and education so this is a perfect match. Together with Game Institute Austria we will be able to reach more players and help them in their way into the esport industry”

Thomas KunzeCEO of Games Institute Austria, Co-founder of !Woopsports Esports Clan: We believe in developing the potential of young Esports athletes by giving them the tools to succeed in esports and the life beyond. Austrian Esports will become relevant beyond national borders by developing the skill sets needed in the people who are taking part in the Esports phenomenon and are keen to develop the competencies relevant this ecosystem. Learn2Esport provides the right platform to develop these skills and work with professionals to get better at the games.


Learn2Esport based in Sweden is an interactive digital educational platform and curriculum leading provider in the esports industry. The customized esport curriculum teaches essential life skills such as cross-boundary collaboration, self-leadership, career pathway development, health and wellness. The company creates and deploys courses, online content services and certificate courses in specialized focus areas for esport professionals, coaches, analyst, players, students, corporations, entrepreneurs at all levels. Learn2Esport offers a solution for all schools that want to integrate esports in an easy and qualitative way. All the content is built together with professional coaches, analysts and educated teachers. The Learn2Esport team has great experience from the esport scene and has been involved in some of the largest esport organizations in the world. Learn2Esport’s educational platform and courses can be used by schools, organizations, sport clubs, companies and gaming centers.

Rasmus Sandström CEO


The Games Institute Austria is a company in Vienna, Austria that specializes in the application of the added value gaming can offer for individuals and society. We offer esports materials and training for upcoming esports athletes and people working in the esports ecosystem and demonstrate how Esports can positively influence the development of young gamers as well as their professional biography. We also develop products and services to utilize this value of games for education, training, marketing and communication. We bring in almost two decades of experience in modern education and a lifelong love for gaming and its application beyond sheer entertainment. For us, the Learn2Esport platform is the perfect opportunity to combine esports and education and help our esports teams to develop their skills to the fullest so that they can compete on their best level and be a role model for others in esports and beyond. We strongly believe in the potential of gaming and gamers to become a better individual and help create successful biographies full of achievements and a lifetime of playful experiences.

Thomas Kunze

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